Do Relocated Rodents Survive?

Rodent relocation: good or bad?

If you are dealing with pesky rodents right now who are making life hellish for you, there are a few techniques brewing in your mind concerning their elimination. That is not as simple as it seems, however; you always have to consider, among other things, the humaneness of your approach, state regulations, affordability, and practicality. 

One of the more common techniques touted among the masses is that of simply relocating the vile rodents far away from your home. Is this a viable idea, or does this deserve to be dumped? This is what we shall try to figure out in this article.

The food question

This question goes something like this: how does a rat that has spent the best part of its life within the relatively cozy confines of a dilapidated urban building survive in the harsh conditions of the wild? 

In cities, food is abundant because we human beings consume a lot of it. Even something as disgusting as leftover chicken bones make an excellent meal for our whisker-adorned friends. And of course, if we dont throw away stuff, these critters always find ways to raid our refrigerators.

In the wild, the rodents will have to fend for themselves. They will have to find sources of sustenance in a place where there is already tremendous competition. The bottom line is, food is relatively scarcely available in the woods or wherever it is that you plan to relocate the rodent, and it is going to perish in all probability.

The predator question

Most people mistakenly assume that relocating a rodent is a far kinder thing to do than outright killing it. The thing is, you didnt do these critters a favor by moving them to the wild, of all places. We are talking about habitats populated by rat predators, from menacing bobcats to stealthy hawks and creepy snakes. 

As a human being, you can control your impulse to eliminate the rodent; the predators, however, cant do so, because it is the natural order of things for them. Therefore, you cant expect an urban rodent to survive, let alone thrive, in such a hostile environment.

The legal question

Is it even legal to relocate a rodent in your state? Or is the site for relocation that you have settled on a legal one? You cant ignore these questions, simply because you cant afford to be on the wrong side of the law. You seriously dont want to be blacklisted or slapped with fines, do you? It is advisable to be aware of the state regulations about this activity before you make any move, and that alone indicates that relocation might not be such a great idea.

In conclusion, relocating a rat is not a viable idea because the rat will perish in all certainty and it will also throw you in a pot of legal troubles.

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