What is a Snare Trap?

Its become a little too common to have your property infested with pests and critters. Nobody likes them. They are wild animals so they should live in the wild. They cause various problems, destroy structures, poop and urinate everywhere, and cause an abundance of diseases. We all know that. And for this reason, we try various methods to remove them and make our houses pest proof. 

In this time and age, some methods are available to deal with this kind of problems, or you could even call a pro to do it for you. Most people like to experiment themselves, so why not try snare traps? Its worth a shot.

How does it work?

A basic snare trap is made of a fixed wire with a loop. Used to catch wild animals like squirrels and rabbits to fox and coyotes, it can be considered to lethal and non-lethal, although it remains harmful both ways. The loop is where the animals, head, the belly of limb gets trapped. It is designed in such a way that the loop would tighten when the victim animal struggles to break free. 

The tightening is where it gets harming. If the animal struggles too much its neck or any other body part that got stuck might get severely damaged.

Types of snares

In older times there was but only one type of snare. Now, we people like to differentiate everything in specific needs and variety. Nowadays, snare traps are mostly used for dealing with wolves, foxes, and coyotes. Just like that, we have multiple types of snares for different purposes. 

Legal snares

These are mostly the modern design snares. Very few snares are legal in most states. People continue to argue whether they are inhumane or not. These legal snares have a free-running lock, and may/may not put too much pressure on the animal. Mostly used on the rabbits and squirrels.

Illegal snares

The other type, deadly snares are the most common and improved design of the olden snare strap. They include self-locking and even springs to create as much tension(force) as possible to make it impossible for the caught animal to escape. Once they become tighter, the animal can rest in peace. Mostly used on bigger hunting animals.

Homemade snares

Homemade snares generally consist of a looped wire or rope. These types mostly can only harm the animal and not more, but they vary.


Most of the world regards these traps as inhumane and readily accepts them being illegal. People are making them argue that they are very humane and end its victims life swiftly. But remember that the wild doesnt consist of only you desired prey. A trap designed to kill big animals like wolves will easily exterminate smaller animals caught. It is also not a given only the neck will we caught always.

These snares cruelly, tear the flesh and veins, and arteries like butter and any struggle by the animal only make it worse.


If you want to deal with animals using these methods, first check if your state allows it. You can also use foothold traps. They have been made strong and yet harmless towards the animals.

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